Become a FAMEkids Sponsor

Every child who participates in the ten week FAMEkids program receives a Safe Kid Kit.

Why Safe Kid Kits?

The kit is a backpack that the FAMEkids Coordinator customizes for each child according to their personal needs. Many children who participate in FAMEkids are identified as being marginalized or at risk and often are not living in their own homes. This backpack makes kids feel special and recognized.

What goes in a Safe Kid Kit?

The backpack contains items such as dental and personal toiletry kits, journal, writing and art materials, a Crisis Contact Card, a Telephone Calling Card for emergency phone calls and much more. In addition the backpack contains seasonal items such as mitts, winter hats and extra socks.

You can help a FAMEkid feel safer

To speak with FAME about how you, your organization or your company can become a Safe Kid Sponsor, contact Karen Naismith.

Karen Naismith
FAMEkids Coordinator and Youth Support Worker
Email Karen Naismith